Intuitive Astrologer

I consult in person, phone or skype with clients, parents and partners around the globe. In the work that I do I seek to inspire positive change by sharing multi-dimensional empowerment tools to assist in your personal evolution.



I share my metaphysical knowledge through The Kitchen Table Ascension Podcast, Lunar Soul Wisdom YouTube Channel, and Personal Blog.  I also conduct online heart opening meditations to students around the planet.


I am embarking on a childrens’ picture book series in which I translate years of multi-dimensional experience into enjoyable stories for children. Look for my first eBook soon chronicling my adventures with Herman the Whale.

Exploring Inner Alchemy

Moments of Resonance

Gifts of calm and coherence

A New Childrens' Story

Out of the mouth of a Humpback whales comes a new story of where we came.

Understanding Vibration Frequency

A Key to our Planetary Health